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Ghana Green Building Summit 2022
GGBS 2022
Call for Speakers

- Your expertise is needed -

Join us on the podium and share your green building experience

as we seek to build green and live smart

You are invited to contribute on any of the under-listed Summit themes

1 - Green Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is often confused with low income or social housing. While the latter may be a subset of the affordable housing concept, affordable housing actually refers  to the fact that you are spending less than 30 percent of your post-tax income on housing. Crucially, costs here refer not only to the upfront construction costs but the running or operational costs; which is why a Life Cycle Analysis approach is recommended.


This session will highlight ways to build green and affordable through efficiencies in the design, construction and maintenance of your home and commercial spaces, which enable a reduction in variable or running costs. We will also explore funding sources that are available for projects of such nature.

2 - Cities 

In addition to lack of access to green spaces, abundance of public spaces, efficient public transportation systems, and healthcare availability for inhabitants, cities are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions and natural resource use and are increasingly contributing to poor personal and environmental wellness. To make our cities more livable, inclusive and sustainable, there is the need to reimagine the city envelope and management.

This session will highlight key interventions being made in cities worldwide with demonstrable solutions and case studies to find creative urban solutions to the climate crisis with special emphasis on Ghanaian and other African cities.

3 - Circularity

Circularity as opposed to the linear model of take, use, and discard is very applicable in the building industry as it enables construction, use and reuse in a way that is economically responsible and contributes to the well-being of humans.


This session will explore areas like Renewable Energy, Green Transport & Mobility, and Sustainable Materials & Recycling.

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