Ghana Green Building Summit 2020

GGBS 2020

Call for Speakers

- Your expertise is needed -

Join us on the podium and share your green building experience

as we seek to build green and live smart

You are invited to contribute on any of the under-listed Summit themes

1 - Indigenous Green Architecture

Design is the foundation of any green building, here we explore design from an indigenous perspective; with emphasis on functionality and fit for our local context.

2 - The Case for Green Buildings

Beyond the personal and social wellness, is there a compelling case to build green? We explore the numbers that make green buildings an attraction.

3 - High Performance Buildings

While buildings are becoming carbon neutral and some even negative, we explore how to improve performance of buildings by establishing baseline performance levels with special focus on energy.

4 - Creating Smart Sustainable Cities

The case of Accra versus Copenhagen (Panel Discussion with resource person from Ghana and Denmark).

5 - Regulation and Certification

Desire alone won’t increase uptake of green buildings, we explore how state policies and regulation can spur increased consumption of nest practice as well as certification requirements.

Please present by giving consideration to the following pillars:

1. Energy

2. Water

3. Design

4. Material Use

5. Indoor Air Quality

6. Environmental Preservation

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